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G F Handel

Joseph and his brethren

This is Part 3
Part 2 is on the page before this,
Part 1 the page before that.

Here is a "clickable" Table of the available Midi Files for this Work (my thanks to Max, of Choralia, for much help with these). The Table entries in green relate to Sections which exist in the IMSLP Chrysander Orchestral Score but not in the Vocal Score version first used to make these Files.

Joseph and his brethren - Part 3
UNemphasized Soprano  Alto  Tenor  Bass 
34: Sinfonia None None None None
35: What say'st thou, Phanor? None None None None
36: The wanton favours of
. . . the great
None None None None
37: Whence so disturb'd,
. . . my Lord?
None None None None
38: Ah Jealousy, thou pelican None None None None
Part 3 Scene 2 No 3, Recitative: O wrong me not! thy Zaphnath never harbour'd (Joseph/Asenath)
Part 3 Scene 2 No 4, Air: The people's favour, and the smiles of pow'r (Joseph)
Part 3 Scene 2 No 5, Recitative: Art thou not Zaphnath? Is not Egypt sav'd (Asenath)
Part 3 Scene 2 No 6, Air: Prophetic raptures swell my breast (Asenath)
Part 3, Scene 2 No 7/Scene 3/Scene 4 No 1. Recitative: They come
.. and indignation in their looks (Joseph/Simeon/Phanor/Benjamin)

Part 3 Scene 4 No 2, Accompagnato: What! without me? Ah, how return in peace! (Benjamin)
Part 3 Scene 4 No 3, Arioso: O pity! (Benjamin/Joseph)
Part 3 Scene 4 No 4, Recitative: To prison with him! (Joseph/Simeon/Reuben)
39: O gracious God, we
. . . merit well this scourge
None None None None
40: Eternal monarch of the sky yes yes yes yes
Part 3 Scene 5 No 1: But peace, Zaphnath returns (Simeon/Joseph/Judah)
41: Thou had'st, my Lord,
. . . a father once
None None None None
41b: Give him up the lad None None None None
42: I can no longer - -
. . . Phanor, bring the youth
None None None None
42b: Whilst the Nile and Memphis None None None None
43: What's sweeter than
. . . the newblown rose?
None None None None
44: With songs of ardent
. . . gratitude and praise
None None None None
44: We will rejoice
. . . in Thy salvation
yes yes yes yes

That's the end of Part 3. Part 2 is on the previous page
Part 1 is on the page before that.

That's the end of the Work.

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