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Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

St Paul - Part 2

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St Paul
UNemphasized Soprano  Alto  Tenor  Bass 
23: The nations are now the Lord's Sop 1 yes
Sop 2 yes
yes yes yes
24: And Paul came to the Congregation
25: Now we are ambassadors
None None None None
26: How lovely are the messengers yes yes yes yes
27: I will sing of Thy great mercies None None None None
28: But when the Jews None None None None
. .: Thus saith the Lord yes yes yes yes
. .: And they laid wait for Paul None None None None
29: Is this he? yes yes yes yes
. .: O Thou, the true and only light yes yes yes yes
30: But Paul and Barnabas spake freely None None None None
31: For so hath the Lord None None None None
32: And there was a man at Lystra
33: The Gods themselves
34: And they called Barnabas, Jupiter
35: O be gracious, ye immortals
yes yes yes yes
36: Now when the Apostles
. . : For know ye not?
. . : But our God abideth in Heaven
Sop 1 yes
Sop 2 yes
yes yes yes
37: Then the multitude
38: This is Jehova's temple
39: And they all persecuted Paul
yes yes yes yes
40: Be thou faithful unto death None None None None
41: And Paul sent and called the Elders
42: Far be it from thy path
yes yes yes yes
43: See what love yes yes yes yes
44: And though he be offered
45: Not only unto Him
yes yes yes yes

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