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Gerald Finzi

Intimations of Immortality

Here is a "clickable" Table of the available Midi Files for this Work
- it's been divided up into 4 parts (each ending in a convenient pause) and 13 main portions (corresponding to the tracks of the CD I listened to ... yours may be different), but the [Rehearsal Figures] correspond to those in the printed score:-

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Intimations of Immortality
UNemphasized Soprano 1 Soprano 2  Alto 1   Alto 2  Tenor 1 Tenor 2  Bass 1   Bass 2 
.1:  Andante sostenuto [0]-[3]
 2:  There was a time ... [4]-[6]
 3:  The Rainbow comes and goes [7]
 ... Waters on a starry night [8]
 ... But yet I know where'er I go [9]
 ... Allegro giojoso [10]
 4:  Now, while the birds thus sing [11]
 ... To me alone there came a thought [12]
 ... cataracts their trumpets blow [13]
 ... The Winds come to me [14]
 ... Shout round me [15]
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
 5:  Ye blessed creatures [16]
 6:  Oh evil day! [17]
 ... And the Children are culling [18]-[19]
 7a: But there's a tree [20]
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
 7b: Whither is tied the visionary gleam? [21]
 8:  Our birth is but a sleep [22]
 ... Heaven lies about us in our infancy [23]
 9:  Earth fills her lap [24]
10: O joy! [25]
.... The thought of our past years [26]
.... Blank misgivings of a creature [27]
11: But for those first affections [28]
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
 ... truths that wake, to perish never; [29]
 ... in a season of calm weather [30]
 ... Which brought us hither [31]
12: Allegro giojoso [32]
 ... Then sing, ye Birds, sing, sing [33]
 ... We in thought will join your throng [34]
 ... What though the radiance ... [35]
 ... We will grieve not [36]
 ... In years that bring [37]
13: And O, ye fountains, Meadows, [38]
 ... I love the Brooks [39]
 ... Thanks to the human heart [39]
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

That's the end of the Work.

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