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J S Bach (attribution)

The St. Luke Passion

This Work was originally attributed to Bach because a publication source was a manuscript copy of the Score partially in Bach's own hand. Subsequently, however, this attribution was questioned, and it was then thought likely that the Work was composed by Johann Melchior Molter. Even this, though, is now doubted, and so the Work now appears in the catalogues under the heading "apocryphal" or "anonymous" (see the Wikipedia entry).

Complete German-language Vocal Scores (SATB plus piano reduction) versions of this Work can be downloaded from IMSLP (the Petrucci Music Library), together with Midi Files for the entire Work. The present Midis, however, relate to a shortened and simplified English-language Score version of the Work as prepared by Rev. A Hastings Kelk and J Michael Diak and published by Paterson (a copy of which Score is available from Boosey & Hawkes). They are transposed down a semitone to match the recording mentioned below.

There is an excellent performance of the full Work in its entirety by the Alsfelder Vokalensemble, under Wolfgang Helbich, on YouTube starting here. There does not seem to be any published recording of the present shortened and simplified version. If anyone knows of such a published (and freely available) version, please let me know its location.

Here is a "clickable" Table of the available Midi Files for this Work. In these Files the SATB Chorus Voices are sounded by piccolo, clarinet, French horn and bassoon.

The St. Luke Passion
UNemphasized Soprano  Alto  Tenor  Bass 
1: Lord, beholding Thy dread passion yes yes yes yes
2: Now the feast of unleaven'd bread drew nigh None None None None
3: To save our souls yes yes yes yes
3: To save our souls (alternative version) yes yes yes yes
4: And Jesus came out None None None None
5: Lead us not into temptation yes yes yes yes
6: And while He yet spake None None None None
7: Forgive us, Lord, our trespasses yes yes yes yes
8: Then Jesus said to the high priests None None None None
9: Lord, who giv'st Thyself for me yes yes yes yes
10: And the men that held Jesus
10a: Prophesy, who is he?
yes yes yes yes
11: And many other things spake they
11a: Art Thou the Christ?
yes yes yes yes
12: But He said unto them
12a: Art Thou the Son of God?
yes yes yes yes
13: And He said unto them
13a: What need we any further witness?
yes yes yes yes
14: Jesus, who for our salvation yes yes yes yes
14: Jesus, who for our salvation (alternative version) yes yes yes yes
15: And the whole company
15a: We have found this man
15b: And Pilate asked him
yes yes yes yes
16: Christ, our Saviour, God and King yes yes yes yes
17: And Pilate said
17a: He stirreth up the nation
17b: And when Pilate heard of Galilee
yes yes yes yes
18: The Lamb is dumb None None None None
19: And the chief priests
19a: Away with this man
yes yes yes yes
20: And Pilate spake unto them
20a: Crucify Him
20b: And Pilate said the third time
yes yes yes yes
21: Foul wrong, by hate engendered yes yes yes yes
21: Foul wrong, by hate engendered (alternative version) yes yes yes yes
22: And as they led Him away None None None None
23: Gracious Father, hear Thy Son yes yes yes yes
24: And parting his garments among them
24a: He hath saved others
yes yes yes yes
25: And the soldiers also mocked Him
25a: If Thou be King of Judah
25b: And a superscription
yes yes yes yes
26: O Sacred Head, sore wounded yes yes yes yes
26: O Sacred Head, sore wounded (alternative version) yes yes yes yes
27: One of the malefactors None None None None
28: In Thy love remember me yes yes yes yes
29: And it was about the sixth hour None None None None
30: Dear Lord, beneath Thy Cross I bow yes yes yes yes
31: O Jesu Christ None None None None
32: It is finished yes yes yes yes

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