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What do these Midi Files contain?

In the Tables for each Work in this Website there are icons for sets of Midi Files, arranged in rows and columns, that relate to, and are prepared from the Score of, the musical Work you're going to sing (in each row the set of Files is arranged in columns, and these contain musical icons representing the Files in the columns). You can "click" on these icons either to play or to download the Files they represent.

The columns in each Table are suitably headed to tell you what's in them. On the left are "UNemphasised" Files, meaning that the Midi Files for the music sections to which they refer contain all the parts - Orchestral and Vocal - relevant to those sections. These sections are identified by their title, taken from the Score. By contrast, all the other columns contain icons that relate to Midi Files that, though including all the Orchestral and Voice parts, have the selected Voice parts emphasised above all the other parts; the columns' headings tell you which are the Voices that are so emphasised. If a column contains no icon, or contains the word "None", then there are no Chorus voice-emphasised versions for that section of the music. This will be the case both if the music of that section is purely orchestral and also if it's where the Soloists are singing rather than the Chorus (it is assumed that Soloists do not need emphasised Midi Files to help them sing, though the Soloists parts are included in the UNemphasised Files).

One final point before you click on and download any of the Files: for any particular portion of the Work, each row set of Files uses the same name for all the individual column Midi Files, so if you want to have the Files from two different columns then you'll need to save them in two different places to avoid the second set possibly overwriting the first. I suggest that to start with you put them one set in each of two separate (appropriately-named, and previously-formed) Folders on the Desktop (later on you can if you wish move these Folders somewhere more convenient).

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Last updated by John on 8/Nov/21