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G F Handel

Belshazzar - Part 2

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The Files for this Work were originally prepared using a very old Novello Score - the G A MacFarren Original Octavo edition. There is a much more recent Edition - the D Burrows 1993 one. This contains most of the pieces from the MacFarren Score, but re-numbered (some have been "deleted"), but also contains in Appendix One some alternative and additional pieces composed by Handel after the first few Performances, as well as, in Appendix Two, a number of pieces deleted by Handel before the first few Performance (some of these are in the MacFarren version). I am gradually modifying the Files so they more closely resemble the Burrows version; they will be uploaded when this modification is finished.

Here is a "clickable" Table of the available Midi Files for this Work:-

Belshazzar - Part 2
UNemphasized Soprano  Alto  Tenor  Bass 
30: See from his post yes Sop 1
yes Sop 2
yes Alto 1
yes Alto 2
yes yes
31: You see, my friends None None None None
32: Amaz'd to find None None None None
33: To arms, to arms yes yes yes yes
34: Ye tutelar gods yes yes yes yes
35: Let the deep bowl None None None None
36: Where is the God. yes yes yes yes
37: Symphony None None None None
38: Ye sages None yes yes yes
39: O misery! yes yes yes yes
40: O King, live for ever None None None None
41: No; to thyself thy triffles be None None None None
42: Yet, to obey None None None None
43: O sentence too severe None None None None
44: Regard, O son None None None None
45: O God of truth None None None None
46: You, Gobrias None None None None
47: O glorious prince yes yes yes yes
47b: O glorious prince
(the Burrows version)
yes yes yes yes

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