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G F Handel

Joseph and his brethren

This is Part 1
Part 2 is on the next page,
Part 3 the page after that.

You can freely and lawfully download a printable score for this Work from IMSLP - the Petrucci Music Library - though it may not be exactly the same as the one used to make the Midi Files below, and it probably won't be as good as a proper paid-for engraved and printed score.

There appear to be many different versions of this Work, with several clearly written by Handel himself. The IMSLP reference above includes both an Orchestral version (edited by Fr. Chrysander), in English and German, and a Vocal version (L. Hellwig), in German. There is also an unattributed English Vocal Score (similar to but not the same as the German one). This latter was used to make most of the Files below.

There is an excellent, and "complete", performance of this Work by the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra & Chorale, under Nicholas McGegan, on YouTube starting here.

Here is a "clickable" Table of the available Midi Files for this Work (my thanks to Max, of Choralia, for much help with these). The Table entries in green relate to Sections which exist in the IMSLP Chrysander Orchestral Score but not in the Vocal Score version first used to make these Files.

Joseph and his brethren - Part 1
UNemphasized Soprano  Alto  Tenor  Bass 
1: Ouverture None None None None
2: Be firm, my soul
. . . Come, divine inspirer, come
None None None None
3: Joseph, thy fame has reached
. . . great Pharaoh's ear
None None None None
Part 1 Scene 2 No 3, Recitative: Pardon, that I so long forgot thee, Joseph! (Phanor/Joseph)
4: Ingratitude's the queen of crimes None None None None
5: Thus, stranger, I have
. . . laid my troubled thoughts
None None None None
6: O God of Joseph yes yes yes yes
7: Pharoah, thy dreams are one None None None None
8: Divine interpreter! None None None None
9: O lovely youth, with wisdom crown'd None None None None
10: Wear, worthy man, this Royal signet None None None None
11: Joyful sounds, melodious strains yes yes yes yes
Part 1 Scene 4 No 1, Recitative: Whence this unwonted ardour in my breast? (Asenath)
Part 1 Scene 4 No 2, Air: I feel a spreading flame within my veins (Asenath)
Part 1 Scene 4 No 3, Recitative: Fair Asenath (Joseph/Pharaoh/Potiphera/Asenath))
Part 1 Scene 5 No 1, Duet: Celestial virgin! Godlike youth! (Joseph/Asenath)
12: Now, Potiphera, instant to the temple None None None None
13: Marcia None None None None
14: 'Tis done, the sacred knot is tied None None None None
15: Powerful guardians of all nature None None None None
16: Immortal pleasures crown this pair yes yes yes yes
17: Glorious and happy is thy lot None None None None
18: Since the race of time began
19: Swift our numbers, swiftly roll
yes yes yes yes

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Part 3 is on the page following that.

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