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Robert Parsons

Ave Maria

There are numerous recordings of this Work on Youtube, and several available Midi versions, but most of them seem to be six-part versions whereas the Score used for the Midi Files below was a five-part one. If you know of a Website from which can freely and lawfully be downloaded a printable five-part Vocal score for this Work, even though it may not be exactly the same as the one used to make the Midi Files below, please let me know the address.

There is an excellent performance of this Work by The Sixteen on YouTube starting here.

Here is a "clickable" Table of the available Midi Files for this Work (thanks are due to J Fowler, who supplied a basic 5-part Midi version in the Silvis Woodshed).

Ave Maria
UNemphasized Soprano  Alto 1   Alto 2  Tenor  Bass 
Ave Maria yes yes yes yes yes

That's the end of the Work.

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Files originally uploaded in Aug/17.