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Ariel Ramirez

Misa Criolla

There is an excellent performance of this Work by UCLA University Chorus, Chamber Singers & Guitar Ensemble, conducted by Rebecca Lord, on YouTube starting here.

Here is a "clickable" Table of the available Midi Files for this Work. Note that in these Files it is assumed that the Soloists are male - a tenor and a baritone - and that when, such as in the Gloria and the Credo, there are briefly apparently three Soloists the third voice is given to an additional baritone singer. When the Chorus Treble line has three voices, these are allocated tail up to the Sopranos, tail down to the Altos (and otherwise undivided) - and if there is no tail separation then the bottom two notes are shared by the Altos. When the Chorus Bass line has three Voices these are generally similarly allocated, but between Tenor and Bass, except at Bar 83 et seq, where as suggested the tail-up notes are shared (undivided) with the Altos, and the tail-down notes are divided between the Tenors and Basses.

Misa Criolla
UNemphasized Soprano  Alto  Tenor  Bass 
1: Kyrie yes yes yes yes
2: Gloria yes yes yes yes
3: Credo yes yes yes yes
4: Sanctus yes yes yes yes
5: Agnus Dei yes yes yes yes

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Files originally uploaded in Dec/14.