I do now and again take on Commissions to prepare and make available Rehearsal Midi Files.

Up to now I have - for the most part - only made Midi Files of Works which I myself have sung, or am going to sing, or which my friends and colleagues in local Choirs and Choral Societies have sung or are going to sing. However, on a small (so far) number of occasions I have been asked to provide Files for other Works, and on a couple of those - where I have been provided with copies of the relevant Scores - I have graciously acceded to the requests.

Since it is becoming clear that I am running out of Works of the sort that my small, local Groups are likely to perform, even though there are still many, many Works out there that are regularly essayed and with which the relevant Singers may well need the sort of help that Midi Files can supply, and since I will perhaps soon need something to work on so as to keep me from getting bored with retirement, I now offer my services to those who think that Files such as I make could be of assistance, and so might request me to prepare them.

There, however, are a few conditions to which the Requestor - who may be asking for help either as an individual or as a representative of his or her Singing Group - must agree!

If you think I might be able to help you, contact me via the E-mail address on my Home Page.

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Last updated by John on 20/Jun/22