Download Midisoft's Session

1) You have chosen to download a copy of Midisoft's Session. The link for this is below - but before you do it, note the following:-

2) Being a DOS/Windows 3.1 program, Session may be difficult to run under Windows XP unless you installed it with the help of the special XP "install-a-16-bit-program" software, which is itself usually - but not always - installed and active by default. As to Vista; I have no idea! Sorry! I suggest you simply try, and hope for the best.

3) Moreover, because - most likely - Session is a DOS/3.1, 16-bit, piece of software it expects to be in the root directory on Drive C; if it isn't there it will probably NOT allow you to save its set-up (some sort of initialisation; see below).

4) You are about to download 900K's worth of zipped (compressed) File (if you haven't got a broadband connection this will take several minutes, so be patient). Unless you're using Windows 98 (and later) you'll need a suitable "unzipper" program ... WinZip should be fine.

5) To start the download simply click on the "download" link below. Your system should then offer you the choice of where you want to put the downloaded File (or to open/deal with it where it is: don't to that, but instead actually choose to download the whole File to wherever you want). You can effect the download to the Desktop or to any Folder, and then afterwards transfer the File to a more suitable Folder - which really should be named "SESSION" and be in the root directory on Drive C, like this:-


So I suggest that before clicking on the link you set up this Folder, and then direct the download straight to it.

6) Once you've put the downloaded zip File - SESSION.ZIP - where you'll eventually want it, then double-click on the File - and Windows/WinZip should open it up and extract and uncompress the set of Files in there (keep the original zipped File, just in case!). One of these Files is the Executable Session File, SESSION.EXE; it doesn't need installing: it just sits there, complete and ready to go, apart from . . .

7) . . . When it's up and running, and BEFORE you load any Midi File, you need to go to Setup/Midi Drivers and select GENERAL Midi, otherwise you won't get all 16 possible channels. And don't forget: Session is a DOS/3.1, 16-bit, piece of software. Though it should also run under anything from 95 to 2000 - and maybe even XP: I have no idea about Vista! - it will probably NOT allow you to SAVE this set-up unless you located the Program in C:\SESSION (and if it doesn't permit saving then every time you start Session running you must go to Setup/Midi Drivers and select GENERAL Midi) anew.

So, if you're now ready to download ... click on download Session now - and good luck!

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Last updated by John on 8/Mar/07