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            I have uploaded a preliminary version of Beethoven's Mass in D (Missa Solemnis).
            It's perfectly usable, but one of these days I hope to provide a finalised version.
.5/Jul/20 - Add Handel's "Athalia"
.4/Jun/20 - Add Stone's "Lord's Prayer"
.4/Jun/20 - Add Tomkins's "Preces & Responses"
.3/Jun/20 - Add Farmer's "Lord's Prayer"
30/May/20 - Add Byrd's "Preces & Responses"
27/May/20 - Add Ayleward's "Preces & Responses"
24/May/20 - Add Vaughan Williams's "Te Deum in G"
18/May/20 - Add Stanford's "Jubilate in C"
18/May/20 - Add Stanford's "Te Deum in C"
14/May/20 - Add Wood's "Magnificat & Nunc dimittis in E flat major (Second setting)"
11/May/20 - Add Walmisley's "Magnificat & Nunc dimittis (in D minor)"
11/Apr/20 - Add Stanford's "Magnificat & Nunc dimittis (in Bflat minor)"
11/Apr/20 - Add Noble's "Magnificat & Nunc dimittis (in B minor)"
11/Apr/20 - Add Tallis's "If ye love me"
.7/Apr/20 - Add Howell's "Magnificat & Nunc dimittis in B minor"
.2/Apr/20 - Add Hooper's "Magnificat/Nunc dimittis (Short Service)"
.2/Apr/20 - Add Blair's "Magnificat/Nunc dimittis (both original and Atkins versions)"
27/Mar/20 - Add Orlando Gibbons's "Magnificat/Nunc dimittis (from the Second Service)"
11/Mar/20 - Add Orlando Gibbons's "Magnificat/Nunc dimittis (from the Short Service)"
11/Mar/20 - Add William Byrd's "Second Service"
11/Mar/20 - Add Michael Haydn's "Te Deum MH 415"

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