Files made using Chris Hills's MidiPlay .

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Here are links to the URLs - the Website addresses - for the various Works we'll be singing this term. Click on them, and you'll be taken to the relevant page of the main Website, from which you can access/download the desired Midi files for the individual Pieces.

Dyson's The Canterbury Pilgrims.

Contact me directly - see the " Comments" section of my Main Page - to learn how to access these "publicly unavailable" Files.

If you use a Player, such as MidiPlay, which shows you the notes, you'll be able more easily to find where you are - and where the Chorus bits are in between all the Solo sections. However, don't try to read the notes off the screen; listen to the notes but read them from your proper paper Score.

I would like you all to try using Choral Music Tutor - see below - which has recently undergone a substantial upgrade, and then let me know how you find it.

The Website pages contain links to Midi files for all the parts (Soloists included). You can listen to them either using a Midi Player, such as "MidiPlay" (see below), or instead using Choral Music Tutor ("CMT"), which is a web app that plays Midi files. Choral Music Tutor runs on any device - any Desktop PC (Windows or Mac), Tablet (Android or iPad) or Smartphone (Android or iPhone) - that can browse the internet. It is not an app that you have to download or install.

And if something doesn't work properly, please let me know (see the "Comments" section of my Homepage).

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